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CyberPanel v1.7.1 Stable Released!

CyberPanel v1.7.1 bring some exciting new features and bug fixes. For quite some time a reseller feature was the most requested. So we’ve introduced ACL Manager which allows you to create resellers and gives you the ability to control access to your CyberPanel at a more granular level.

ACL Manager

ACL Manager not only gives you the ability to create resellers, it also allows you to disable certain services for users. There are some sections (underĀ Server) of CyberPanel that can only be accessed for users with admin level access. However, if you don’t want some users to access the email section of CyberPanel, you can create a custom ACL and disable email access. Then you can assign that ACL to any user. For more details visit users documentation.

ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF)

Basic functionality of CSF is also integrated into CyberPanel v1.7.1, please note that enabling CSF will disable firewalld. But once enabled all default ports needed by CyberPanel will be opened.

DNS CAA Record

As requested here, this record type is now supported and built into v.1.7.1.

Enable/Disable services

This section allows you to disable services like PowerDNS, Postfix and Pure-FTPD. OpenLiteSpeed and MariaDB can not be disabled since they are core services of CyberPanel. For more details visit manage services.

Github and Gitlab integration

Integration of Github and Gitlab into CyberPanel websites is a new feature which allows you to attach a remote repo to the doc root of your website, for more details read this thread.

Prestashop Auto Installer

Prestashop auto-installer is also added with this release.

Application Installer for Child Domains

Earlier application installer was only available for Websites/Master domains, it is now available for child domains as well.

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  • Melvin Liu September 27, 2018 at 7:46 am

    @usmanasir Dear Sir. when will have prestashop install script available in the Panel. That would much more convient for who new on these thing. I’m not new on this I could download and upload then install manually. I just little bit lazy. lol

  • John Wuethrich October 6, 2018 at 7:49 am

    do you happen to have a script or advice from 1.7 b 1 to this?

    I know its not officially supported to upgrade (at least seem to recall that ) I also recall several times in the past you have had and or offered a user on forms a script to do something similar. figured it was worth asking.

    thanks either way!

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