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CyberPanel 1.7.5 Released – PHP 7.3 Added

We’ve released CyberPanel v1.7.5 on 14th December, 2018. This update brings some exciting features and bug fixes.

Support for PHP 7.3

Support for PHP 7.3 added and unsupported versions removed from Ubuntu.

Convert your OpenLiteSpeed installation to LiteSpeed Enterprise Web server

Ability to convert OpenLiteSpeed to LiteSpeed Enterprise Web server with one click.

Automated Backups to AWS S3

AWS S3 backups are made available in this release with following features:

  1. Backups Frequency.
  2. Backup Retention.
  3. Force backups and Backup logs.

For more details visit here.

Highly Available sites

CyberPanel Cloud Platform let you set up highly available applications. On the back end Docker containers are used. At least 2 CyberPanel instances are required to deploy highly available applications.

For more details visit here.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug fix to Backup Engine.
  2. Bug fix to SSH Keys.
  3. Improvements to upgrade process.

For more details visit change logs.

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