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CyberPanel 1.7.6 Released

We’ve released CyberPanel v1.7.6 on 26th December, 2018. This update brings some exciting features and bug fixes.

Automated Backups to DigitalOcean Spaces

Backups to DigitalOcean spaces are made available in this release with following features:

  1. Backups Frequency.
  2. Backup Retention.
  3. Force backups and Backup logs.

For more details visit here.

Ioncube Loaders

Ioncube loaders has been added as extension.

Self-signed SSL from CLI

Ability to issue self signed SSL from command line:


cyberpanel issueSelfSignedSSL --domainName cyberpanel.net

System Status page on Platform

Ability to view/kill top processes and monitor other important information.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug fix for large files to AWS S3.
  2. Bug fix to CSF.

For more details visit change logs.

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