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CyberPanel 1.8.1 Released – Website Limits – New Design – Improved File Manager..

We’ve released CyberPanel v1.8.1. There is a lot to share in this release, so a dedicated post became necessary.

Design Overhaul

One of the most important thing from this release is a design overhaul. File manager design is also completely redone for better user experience. Some images from the new design.




File Manager Redesign and Overhaul

File Manager also gets a new design.



Back end Changes


Apart from File Manager new design, back end also completed changed. There will be no more loading errors or conflicts with rewrite rules.

Website Limits (cgroups)


Another important feature is Website Limits, with this feature you can limit website resources and this have no link to our Docker Manager feature. With containerization (website limits) you can limit various system resources for a website, cgroups are used on the back end to enforce these limits. You can limit:


  1. CPU Usage.
  2. Memory Usage.
  3. Network Usage.
  4. Disk Usage (IO and IOPS)


More details are available here.

Docker Manager Gets Volume Mapping


We recently released Docker Manager, Docker Manage now gets volume mapping feature added.

Bug Fixes


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