1 - Backup/Restore

CyberPanel supports one click back/restore for your accounts.

How To Take Backup

Taking complete backup of a website account is simple.

Main » Backup » Create Backup


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  1. Select website from the list that you want to backup.
  2. Select backup destination.
  3. Click 'Create Backup'.

It will take some time depending on the amount of space the account is using.

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Backup location is: /home/<domain name>/backup

Note: You can close the window and come back later to check the status of backup creation.

Restore Backup

Backup restore only works with backups generated through backup generation tool in CyberPanel.

Main » Backup » Restore Backup


Place your backup files under /home/backup/

This will detect all files under /home/backup/. It may take some time, you can also leave the window and come back later to check.

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