1 - Getting Started with Marketing

CyberPanel v1.7.3 and above have a dedicated tool called Email Marketing. Let see what this tool can do in a nutshell.

  1. Upload email lists.
  2. Add emails to existing lists.
  3. Verify email addresses (verifying emails can get you on blacklists, so do this at your own risks).
  4. Add SMTP providers such as MailGun, SendGrid, etc to send emails.
  5. Compose and save email templates.
  6. Send emails using SMTP hosts and the templates.

Upload Lists

Email lists can be uploaded in 2 formats.

  • .csv (comma delimited)
  • .txt (each row containing on email)

You can also add more emails to existing email lists using the same formats specified above.

Verifying Email Addresses

Verifying emails is the process of knowing if emails in your list actually exist or not. If your Email Lists are small (2-5K) emails, then you may not get into trouble. Some providers consider email verification as potential spam and you can get your IP blacklisted.

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However, this tool lets you verify emails on your list, if you re-run email verification only new or failed emails will be checked, verified emails are not checked again.

Manage SMTP Hosts

Sending mail requires a mail server. You can use your local mail server or add remote servers as SMTP hosts. While sending mail you can choose which SMTP host is used to send anĀ email.

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Compose Emails

You can save your existing emails (HTML or Plain Text) as templates in CyberPanel. Any online tool can be used to create your email template. Once email template is created, it can be sent to your email lists using SMTP Hosts.

Enable or Disable Email Marketing for Users

By default Email Marketing tool is enabled for all new users, however, you can disable them for selected users.

1. Click Email Marketing from the left sidebar.

2. Select users to disable the Email Marketing feature.

3. Once disabled, the user can not see Email Marketing related elements on his/her website launcher.


The above-mentioned elements will be hidden if email marketing is disabled. In further articles, we will see how we can make use of all these features to send emails.

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