1 - Managing Users

This document applies to version v1.7.1 and above, earlier versions of CyberPanel had only 2 user types and no ACL functionality.

CyberPanel supports reseller?

Many people ask that if CyberPanel have reseller functionality. I will give a short answere here: Yes.

However it works on ACL (Access Control List). For example if user is created with admin ACL then that is a super user and have access to all the features in CyberPanel.

Now if the user is created with reseller ACL they have some less abilities compares to admin but they can create sites/users etc. We will not begin to learn more about ACLs below.

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How it works?

Version v1.7.1 and above have ACL functionality built in, by default there are three kinds of ACLs created upon fresh installation:

  • admin
  • reseller
  • user

These three ACLs cannot be deleted or modified, however, you can create more custom ACLs.

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Note: When you create a new user in CyberPanel it allows you to specify websites limit, if selected ACL is user then this limit does not mean anything because users are not allowed to create websites. However if you later change this user ACL to reseller then this limit will activate, which is why it is mandatory to specify this limit for all kind of users.

Custom ACLs

Custom ACLs can be created by navigating to:

https:// IP Address :8090/users/createNewACL

This gives you the ability to disable certain services for end users.

Change User ACL

To change ACL for a user navigate to:

https:// IP Address :8090/users/createNewACL


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