2 - List of Signals/Events Files

To develop CyberPanel plug-ins you need to hook your code into various events happening inside CyberPanel core, this page will give you links to the files containing signals, we will not document/explain each signal here, as they are already documented in the respected file.

There are two types of events that happens for any action inside CyberPanel. For example someone created a website, CyberPanel will fire 2 events.

  1. An event will be fired before CyberPanel runs any core code, these events are usually prefixed with pre in their names, you can use these events to stop any further processing of CyberPanel core. Only request objects are passed to these events.
  2. Another event will be fired, this event will be fired after CyberPanel core has finished processing the request, this event will receive both request and response objects ( response generated by CyberPanel core) .

Events that loads templates

There are some special events, those who are fired before CyberPanel loads templates. These are like any other events but they load the templates for CyberPanel interface. You can use these events to even load your own templates and completely change the way how things works.

An example of such event is here. Using this same terminology beautiful_names official plugin has been built.

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Events files and their respective modules

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