How to Create High Availability Cluster in CyberPanel Cloud?

Around March 10th, 2021 million of websites went offline as fire destroyed one of the four data centers of OVHcloud in France. According to internet monitors many government, banks and news portal sites went offline because of the fire.

So, if you don't have a disaster recovery plan in place, your site could end up with same fate. That's where High availability come into play.

The High Availability feature allows you to maintain 100% uptime for your sites. In this feature, CyberPanel Cloud will take care of creating 100% replica of your Main server to a secondary Fail over server. We will go one-step further and take care of DNS switch in case your Main server goes down so that you can sleep peacefully.

You need to be at least on Professional or Business plan to create clusters, read more here.

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Table of Contents:

  1. What is High Availability?
  2. How to set up High Availability/Clustering from CyberPanel Cloud?

1. What is High Availability?

In simple words, High Availability is the takeover or replacement of the server or system by another system on its failure. Now, how CyberPanel Cloud is doing it and what things you need to take care of are mentioned below:

  1. You need to configure Cloudflare API as mentioned above and your DNS should be handled by Cloudflare, so that Cloud can perform DNS switch in case of downtime.
  2. Once Cloudflare is configured, you need to create a cluster (which will be explained later in this tutorial below)
  3. Once the cluster is created and booted up from Cloud, Cloud will sync your data (the sync duration will be selected by you while creating cluster)
  4. Cloud will also set up your MySQL to be in 100% sync in real-time.
  5. Cloud will also create and sync virtual host configurations between the main and failover servers.
  6. Cloud will check your main server every 3 minutes, if the server is down then a DNS switch will be performed.

2. How to set up High Availability/Clustering from CyberPanel Cloud?

Setting up High Availability/Clustering now becomes very easy with CyberPanel Cloud. The process of setting up high availability is very simple and easy.

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  1. Things that you need to setup High Availability
  2. CyberPanel Cloud account.
  3. Add Cloudflare API key to Cloud
  4. Setup Clustering in CyberPanel Cloud.

Things that you need to setup High Availability. 

There are a few things you must have before setting up the High Availability cluster:

  1. Cloudflare account (Where you have to setup DNS)
  2. CyberPanel Cloud account (Where you can set up clustering)
  3. Two servers (Main and Fail over node)

Login to CyberPanel Cloud:

Visit CyberPanel Cloud Here.

Login using your credentials and if you don't have an account create a new one.

Read more about CyberPanel Cloud.

Add Cloudflare API key to the cloud:

To set up the High Availability feature, first, you need to Add API Key in the cloud.

Read here on how to configure the Cloudflare API key.

Setup Clustering in CyberPanel Cloud:

Setting up High Availability is very easy and simple on CyberPanel Cloud. Just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Before using this feature both main and fail over servers must be connected to the cloud (you can use the connect feature if CyberPanel is already installed or the Deploy feature to install CyberPanel on fresh OS)

Once you have 2 servers connected to cloud, move forward

  1. In the top menu go to the Server-> Create Cluster

2. Now you need to select the options.

  1. Cluster Name (name can be anything easy for you to remember)
  2. Main Server (Select any server from the cloud you have added in your account which you want to use as master)
  3. Failover Server (Select a server that will work as a failover server, make sure this is a fresh CyberPanel server with no websites hosted on this server)
  4. Cloudflare Account to use (Select API Key that you using the article mentioned above)
  5. Sync Data Every (Select time from 5-55 minutes to sync data from main server to fail over server)

3. After providing all information Press Create Cluster button.

The next screen will show you the status of your cluster along with real-time data from your cluster nodes.

Once servers are attached to cluster, you will get a Boot Cluster button. Click the button, once both Main and Fail over server are booted, your cluster is now successfully created.

Servers will boot and show you in logs once done.

Once the clusters are booted you don't need to do anything. Sit back and relax, CyberPanel Cloud will take care of everything and notify you when your main server is down and then perform a DNS switch.

If you have any question or need help setting up a cluster feel free to contact us via our help desk.

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