Manage IP Pools (Delete Pool, Add IPs, Delete IPs, Assign Mac)

Once you have successfully created an IP Pool. You can manage your IP Pools through https://<IP Address>:8090/ip/listIPPools. Please note that any additional IPs you add to an existing pool will use the same Gateway and Netmask. So if your new IPs have different Gateway and Netmask you then need to create separate IP Pool for them. This page will allow you to:

  • Delete Pool (Selected pool will be deleted along with all its IP Addresses, provided all IPs are free and not assigned to an Virtual Machine).
  • Add Single IP (Allows you to add single IP to selected pool).
  • Add Multiple IPs (Allows you to add multiple ips to selected pool).
  • Assign Mac Address (Make sure to assign MAC Address before creating virtual machine)


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