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CyberPanel Enterprise

CyberPanel + LiteSpeed Enterprise

DNS and Email Server Built In!

Lightweight DNS Server!

CyberPanel ships with powerfull and lightweight DNS server (PowerDNS). Supported records types include A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SPF SOA and SRV records.

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Rainloop Webmail!

CyberPanel ships with Rainloop webmail to send and recieve emails using Postfix and dovecot. You can also set up email limits.

Command Line Interface

CyberPanel comes with a command line interface for people who love to work in terminal, almost anything that you can do in the control panel interface can be done via CLI.

What you can do?

1. Create websites and child domains.

2. Create DNS zones and records.

3. Create and restoreĀ backups.

4. Issue SSL certificates.

5. AndĀ more!

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Google Drive Backups

All of the above plus Google Drive Backups. Connect as many Google Drive accounts in single user to isolate backups for your applications making it easy for you to backup/restore and view logs.

  • Configure Multiple Google Drive accounts.
  • Schedule Daily/Weekly Backups.
  • Backup Logs.
  • Isolate Application backups among different Google Drive accounts.