CyberPanel x SeekaHost

Making WordPress Deployments Easier

Easily Deploy Super Fast WordPress Sites
October 10th, 2022
Google Meet (Online)
Usman Nasir
Founder, CyberPanel

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WordPress Deployment Made Easier

This webinar will show you how to launch a super fast WordPress site on SeekaHost using CyberPanel. Learn how to use LSCache, the world's fastest web server and caching plugin, to improve WordPress site performance.

Webinar Guests

  • Aslam @ SeekaHost
  • Chandru @ SeekaHost

Webinar Hosts

  • Usman Nasir @ CyberPanel
  • Shoaib Khan @ CyberPanel

Things You Will Learn

It's your best chance to learn how you can speed up your WordPress site from industry experts, and you'll learn:

  • How to deploy CyberPanel on SeekaHost
  • How to deploy WordPress site on SeekaHost using CyberPanel
  • Performance options for using LSCache to achieve maximum performance

Those who attend the entire webinar will also receive 1 month of free VPS hosting from SeekaHost, including one month of CyberPanel Add-ons.

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