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2- Setting up Highly Available Application

Warning: This feature is discontinued, visit How to Create High Availability Cluster in CyberPanel Cloud?

We will now set up highly available application on our cluster we just created in previous setup, if you've not created a cluster make sure to read Setting up Highly Available Cluster from Cloud Platform.

Step 1: Create Application

Manager Node IP:

Worker Node IP:

Domain: ha.cyberpanel.net

You need to make sure that DNS record of your domain is pointing to (which is the IP of your Manager Node)

Once done, navigate to: https://platform.cyberpanel.net/ha/manage/<Cluster Name>/launchApplication

Replace Cluster Name with the name of your cluster.


Enter your domain and click Launch Application. Now you can open your browser and visit http://yourdomain.com:4000/

Here 4000 is the port we choose to expose, you can replace it with the port that you choose to expose. If you choose port 80, make sure its free and not occupied by any other process.

Data of this application resides on your Worker Node, you can login to CyberPanel on worker node and setup any application such as WordPress. (Your normal database will not work with such application as they are running from containers, you can create cloud database on amazon or setup remote access to your database)

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