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3 - Configure Backups

Before reading this document you must read:

  1. Setup MINIO Block Storage Server.
  2. Configure MINIO Node.

By the time you read this document, I assume that you have already setup MINIO Block Storage Server and Configured it in Cloud Platform.

Step 1: Create Backup Plan

Backup plans are starting point for your backups to MINIO Block Storge Server. Backup plan define following things:

  1. Frequency: How often this backup should run (Daily | Weekly)
  2. Retention Days: How many days a backup should be kept.
  3. Domain: Websites on your CyberPanel that should be included in this backup plan.

To create backup plan visit:

https://platform.cyberpanel.net/s3/<Server Name>/manage/createBackupPlancreateBackupPlanMINIO

Replace server name with name of your server in Cloud Platform. Configure your plan and click Create Plan. Now depending upon your backup frequency backups will be scheduled to send to MINIO Object Storage Server. You can also force run backup at any point in time.

Force Run Backups

Backups are usually scheduled to run daily or weekly, but you can force run them at any point in time. To force run a backup visit:

https://platform.cyberpanel.net/s3/<Server Name>/manage/listBackupPlansMINIO

From there you can force backup to run at current point in time.

Backup Logs

Backup job runs in background, for any backup plan you can view logs at:

https://platform.cyberpanel.net/s3/<Server Name>/plansMINIO/<Plan Name>

Replace Server and Plan name with Server and Backup plan name respectively.

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