Just recorded a short video on how to resolve Blacklisted domain problem on CyberPanel.

All you have to do is update your server host name so that you can create a domain.

CyberPanel version required: v2.1.1 or above, if you are below this version read our old article to manage child-domains.

Deleting a child domain in CyberPanel is now easier than ever. You can delete the child domain from CyberPanel with just a few clicks.

Table of Contents:

  1. Login to CyberPanel
  2. Delete Child Domain

Login to CyberPanel:

Login to your CyberPanel using the credentials. Visit the access URL:


Delete Child Domain:

To delete the child domain just go to Website->List Child Domians in the left menu of CyberPanel dashboard.



Here you find all of your subdomains. Below every domain, you can find a delete button. Press the Delete button.


A prompt appears in front of you which asks you either you want to delete the root directory for this child domain or not.

If you check this option, the Document Root (or in simple words the files for this subdomains) will be deleted as well. However if you do not check this option, your subdomain will be deleted but its files will be kept in file-system.