CyberPanel allows you to schedule and send backups to remote locations (Daily/Weekly).


For automatic remote backups to work there are two requirements.

  1. You need a vps or dedicated server.
  2. Your remote VPS and or dedicated server must have rsync installed on it.

If you have these two requirements met, you are ready to go. Please make sure you also have root access on the vps.

Add/Delete Destination

We first need to add a remote destination where backups will be sent.

Main > Backup > Add/Delete Destination



Just fill in the login details of your remote server and click Add Destination, you can check connection with remote server by clicking Check Connection.

Once the destination is added, you can schedule either daily or weekly backups to this destination.

Schedule Backup

Main » Backup » Schedule Backup


Backup Destination that you just added above will appear here. You can select the destination from the drop down and set the backup frequency.

On remote server backups will be stored at /home/backup/Day-Mon

Backup logs are stored at /usr/local/lscp/logs/back_log.x.x.x