In version 2.0.0, CyberPanel has added the option to get all server logs by email. This can be very beneficial for a timely update if your server has some error or if it's behaving abnormally. This also includes notifications of

In order to enable the service, login to CyberPanel

Make sure you have the correct email address in your admin account. You can verify it by clicking the username and then "View Profile"

If the email isn't correct, use the "Edit Profile" option to change it.

Go to Server Mail under Logs menu

It will take you to a new screen

The configuration is pretty simple, if you don't want to send via third-party like SendGrid or MailGun etc, all you have to do is to choose default and click save

However, if you want to use third-party, choose SMTP

In order to fill SMTP credentials, go to your mail provider's dashboard and get the information

Here are a few examples


Use the following

SMTP Host:

Port : 587

Username and password as you have set up according to the video.

Amazon SES

Save the settings and you will receive email update about your server