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WordPress Staging Feature

In CyberPanel v1.8.8 we've introduced WordPress staging site feature, in which you can put your live site to staging make your changes, do testing and then put that site in production.

To get this feature you first needs to be on v1.8.8. It is always recommended to Backup your site before using this feature so that you can restore if anything goes wrong.

Clone or put your site to Staging

Cloning or putting your site in staging is very easy.

Dashboard -> Websites -> List Websites -> Manage -> Clone/Staging



Then you will have to enter the domain. This domain will be created as child-domain to this site, make sure to add proper DNS A record if your DNS is hosted somewhere. If DNS is hosted on CyberPanel A record will be added and you won't have to do anything. This will clone your website data along with database and ready for you to start testing/developing.

We will not copy LiteSpeed Cache plugin in the staging site, so you won't need to clear the cache.

Copy or sync site to Master

Once you are done with your testing, you can copy your staging site to production.

Dashboard -> Websites -> List Websites -> Manage -> List Domain -> Manage/Launch -> Copy/Sync to Master




  • You will have options to copy complete data, this will copy everything from child-domain to master domain.
  • Sync Database, if you don't select database will not be synced.
  • You can also select to only copy the changed file via the third option.

Once syncing is done, your changes will be live to master/production site. Once child/staging site is copied to master, make sure to purge the cache from whatever cache plugin you are using, because we will not remove cache plugin from the production site, you need to purge cache manually.

2 responses to “WordPress Staging Feature”

  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for sharing this article, no doubt it's very helpful

  2. Brandon says:

    I'm using CyberPanel v1.9 and followed all the steps here to set up a staging site at staging.mysite.com, as well as ensured that an A record was created in the CyberPanel DNS section (I handle all of my DNS records here but use Cloudflare as well). I see that it's installed in Websites > List Websites > Manage > List Domains but it's not working. Is there anything else that I should be checking?

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