Prepare OVH Server for KVM/CyberPanel VMM

OVH servers normally have their own set up for most of the things. CyberPanel VMM can be used for two purposes: For hosting websites, as you would normally do without CyberPanel VMM. For running KVM virtual machines. For this reason I’ve given most of the available space to mount point /. How ever if you […]

[RC] Installing CyberPanel VMM (Virtual Machine Manager)

CyberPanel Virtual Machine Manager let you manage KVM virtual machines through CyberPanel. Requirements Centos 7.x (Recommended minimal version) Python 2.7 4GB or above Ram. Disk space to store virtual machines. VT enabled from the BIOS. Must be a dedicated server. Installation On your command line terminal run it as a single command: sh <(curl https://cyberpanel.net/install-vmm.sh […]