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Change Logs

v1.9.2 Stable   Dated: 12th November, 2019   Features   Remote restore of Incremental Backups. Web Based Terminal Magento Auto Installer Official CSF GUI Integration, thanks to CSF guys at Email piping.   Bug Fixes   resubmit commit to fix Server Logs for Ubuntu OS bug fix: incremental backups and upgrade process bug fix: […]

Upgrading CyberPanel

Upgrading CyberPanel The following command can be used to upgrade to the latest version.   sh <(curl || wget -O – ImportError: cannot import name integer_types   If you run into above mentioned error, run the following command:   pip install requests urllib3 pyOpenSSL –upgrade  

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Enterprise License Manager

To manage your licenses navigate to https://<IP Address>:8090/serverstatus/litespeedStatus you will see something like: License Status If you click on License Status, it will only display your currently license and its expiration status. Change License You need to have your new license key in hand, before you use this option. This will open a box where […]

Licensing Explained!

Free Starter with CyberPanel This gives you one top-level domain and unlimited sub-domains example: .. and more! You can not create something like, since this is a second top-level domain. Add-ons LSCache Included for free. LiteMage available as add-on. Site Owner with CyberPanel This gives you 5 top level domains and […]

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Installing CyberPanel

Installation of CyberPanel is fairly easy. The installation must be run as root (sudo will not work).   Requirements Centos 7.x (Recommended minimal version) Python 2.7 1024MB or above Ram. 10GB Disk Space. CyberPanel vs CyberPanel Ent! CyberPanel comes with two versions one is simply called CyberPanel and other is Called CyberPanel Ent. CyberPanel comes […]