How to use Git Manager in CyberPanel

CyberPanel is introducing Git Manager in version 1.9.5 so now you can easily track files using Git which includes your website data, databases or even emails with your public or private repository at any Git supported server. This makes it so you can directly sync your development platform to your web server. In order to […]

7 – Cron Jobs

Starting version 1.6.0, CyberPanel now has cron jobs. Create Cron Job To create Cron Job navigate to Main > Websites > List Websites > Launch.     After you have launched panel for a website, you can click Cron Jobs under Domains.     This will open Cron Management, from Drop Down select domain and click the Plus sign.  

6 – Rewrite Rules

CyberPanel is based on OpenLitespeed and it fully supports mod_rewrite syntax. If you want to add rewrite rules to your site you can do so easily.       Main > Websites > List Websites » Launch Launch panel for each website looks like:     Once you click ADD REWRITE RULES a box will open which will contain […]

5 – Domain Aliases

To create Domain Aliases you need to launch a website for which you need to create aliases: Main > Websites > List Websites » Launch       Scroll Down to find Domain Alias     This will open the page, where you can create Domain Aliases.

4 – Child Domains Launcher

After version 1.5 child domains feature is available in CyberPanel. After version 1.6.4 stable we’ve launched dedicated launcher for child domains. Why there is a need for Child Domain Launcher Since most of you already know that rewrite rules with OpenLiteSpeed do not work as they work with LiteSpeed Enterprise/Apache.   Every domain must have their own […]

3 – Creating and Managing Child Domains

Child domains are available from version 1.5. This feature can be used to create further domain under a website. How to create a child domain Go to → Repalce with your VPS/Dedicated server IP Address. Scroll down and click ADD DOMAINS.     Fill in all the details and click Create Domain. Here is the master domain. […]

2 – Creating Website

Creating website is the first step towards management on CyberPanel.     Main > Websites > Create Website Then fill in all the fields, they are self-explanatory, but let see some example configuration:   Select the package for this website, CyberPanel comes with a default package however you can create your own. Select Owner for […]

1 – Packages

Packages on CyberPanel help you assign resources to an individual website, you must create at least one package before you start creating websites. (Upon installation a default package is created) Create Package     You can fill in all these resources according to your requirements, an example input can be:   Disk Space: 100 Bandwidth: 5000 FTP Accounts: 10 […]