Scan existing site to CyberPanel Cloud WordPress Manager

CyberPanel Cloud have a dedicated WordPress Manager that can be used to deploy and manage WordPress sites. But if you are connecting existing CyberPanel installation to Cloud, you can use the scan feature to bring existing WordPress sites to WordPress

How to upgrade your CyberPanel using CyberPanel Cloud

Read our Facebook announcement related to this feature. After  v2.1.1 and above we‘ve added an option in the cloud to perform fail-safe upgrade. (This works only if you are on v2.1.1 or above) This upgrade procedure will only upgrade/change CyberPanel

cyberpanel high availability
How to Create High Availability Cluster in CyberPanel Cloud?

Around March 10th, 2021 million of websites went offline as fire destroyed one of the four data centers of OVHcloud in France. According to internet monitors many government, banks and news portal sites went offline because of the fire. So,

How to Configure Cloudflare in CyberPnael Cloud?

CyberPanel have recently launched High Availability feature where you need to select a Cloudflare API to switch DNS in case Main server goes down. We will use your Cloudflare API to switch DNS to Fail over server so that your

How to Setup Cloud Backups with CyberPanel Cloud

When you have an active and working website you always have to take care of your data. What happens if you suddenly see that your website is not working, or your data on the website is deleted or your website

What is CyberPanel Cloud and Why you should signup?

Almost 2 years ago we launched CyberPanel Platform (which is now discontinued) it allowed you to connect and manage your CyberPanel servers centrally. Upon user requests we’ve refactored the platform and launched CyberPanel Cloud. We’ve removed all the redundant features

2 – Configure MINIO Node

MINIO Node can be configured from Cloud Platform. Register your self on cloud platform if you haven’t already, once registered you need to connect your server from here (Make sure you are on version 1.7.5 or above, you can visit upgrade instructions) Add MINIO

manage database cyberpanel 1
View and manage Databases/Table from Cloud Platform

For MySQL optimizations go to: MySQL optimization on CyberPanel CyberPanel v1.7.7 and above gives you ability to view and manage Databases/Table via platform. Register your self on cloud platform if you haven’t already, once registered you need to connect your