Error message: Blacklisted domain.

Just recorded a short video on how to resolve Blacklisted domain problem on CyberPanel. All you have to do is update your server host name so that you can create a domain.

How to Install/Remove MailScanner on CyberPanel

MailScanner is an open-source email security system. It is designed for Linux-based email gateways. CyberPanel provides you with one-click MailScanner installer. Follow this guide to install or remove MailScanner How to install MailScanner using CyberPanel: The installation process of MailScanner

How to Enforce Disk Limits on Websites using Packages

CyberPanel v2.1.1 introduced a feature to enforce website disk limits via packages. Enforce Website disk limits via Package creation: While creating any new package you can see a check on the package creation page called Enforce Disk Limits. If you

How to upgrade your CyberPanel using CyberPanel Cloud

Read our Facebook announcement related to this feature. After  v2.1.1 and above we‘ve added an option in the cloud to perform fail-safe upgrade. (This works only if you are on v2.1.1 or above) This upgrade procedure will only upgrade/change CyberPanel

Email not working after CyberPanel Upgrade?

Note: This article is a work in process, will keep adding more information. If you have recently upgraded CyberPanel and your email stopped working then follow this guide to debug and possibly fix your email system. We recommend to upgrade

How To Set HSTS Header (Strict-Transport-Security) Using CyberPanel (OpenLiteSpeed)

Custom/Extra Header can be used for many proposes like: Content Security policy Referrer policy HSTS (Strict-Transport-Security) Content-type options If you are using the LiteSpeed Enterprise server you can add Extra headers to your htaccess file and the server will add

How to Change CLI PHP on CyberPanel?

CyberPanel only install LiteSpeed PHPs from LiteSpeed repos. Installation directory for PHP is located at /usr/local/lsws/lsphpXX You need to replace XX in the path above with PHP version, for example the path for PHP version 7.4 is /usr/local/lsws/lsphp74 And PHP

cyberpanel high availability
How to Create High Availability Cluster in CyberPanel Cloud?

Around March 10th, 2021 million of websites went offline as fire destroyed one of the four data centers of OVHcloud in France. According to internet monitors many government, banks and news portal sites went offline because of the fire. So,

How to Configure Cloudflare in CyberPnael Cloud?

CyberPanel have recently launched High Availability feature where you need to select a Cloudflare API to switch DNS in case Main server goes down. We will use your Cloudflare API to switch DNS to Fail over server so that your

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8 – How to delete Child Domain in CyberPanel?

CyberPanel version required: v2.1.1 or above, if you are below this version read our old article to manage child-domains. Deleting a child domain in CyberPanel is now easier than ever. You can delete the child domain from CyberPanel with just