5 – Change Upload Limit for Filemanager

v1.7.0 and above v1.7.0 and above default upload limit is 200MB, regardless of upload limit of your Global PHP. To increase this limit go to: https://<IP Addres>:8090/websites/domain.com Then scroll down and click vhost Conf   Then change the upload limit by

4 – Change Upload Limit for phpMyAdmin

To change phpMyAdmin upload limits to a higher value: Go to PHP → Edit PHP Configs → Advanced , and select php 7.3 Search “post_max_size” , and change value from default 8M to size you wish , for example 100M

3 – open_basedir Protection

In simple words, open_basedir protection forbids your PHP scripts to access file system beyond the specified path i.e. open_basedir "/home/domain.com/" If this path is specified for open_basdir, your PHP code cannot access file system beyond /home/domain.com/ Which basically helps in case