How to Enforce Disk Limits on Websites using Packages

CyberPanel v2.1.1 introduced a feature to enforce website disk limits via packages. Enforce Website disk limits via Package creation: While creating any new package you can see a check on the package creation page called Enforce Disk Limits. If you

7 – Cron Jobs

Starting version 1.6.0, CyberPanel now has cron jobs. Create Cron Job To create Cron Job navigate to Main > Websites > List Websites > Launch.   After you have launched panel for a website, you can click Cron Jobs under Domains. This will open

5 – Domain Aliases

To create Domain Aliases you need to launch a website for which you need to create aliases: Main > Websites > List Websites » Launch Scroll Down to find Domain Alias This will open the page, where you can create Domain

4 – Child Domains Launcher

After version 1.5 child domains feature is available in CyberPanel. After version 1.6.4 stable we’ve launched dedicated launcher for child domains. Why there is a need for Child Domain Launcher Since most of you already know that rewrite rules with OpenLiteSpeed do

3 – Creating and Managing Child Domains

Child domains are available from version 1.5. This feature can be used to create further domain under a website. How to create a child domain Go to → Repalce with your VPS/Dedicated server IP Address. Scroll down and click ADD