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CyberPanel 1.8.1 Released – Website Limits – New Design – Improved File Manager..

We’ve released CyberPanel v1.8.1. There is a lot to share in this release, so a dedicated post became necessary. Design Overhaul One of the most important thing from this release is a design overhaul. File manager design is also completely redone for better user experience. Some images from the new design.       File […]

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CyberPanel Docker Manager Released as Beta

CyberPanel Docker Manage released as beta, for now it is only available to install and test via:   bash <(curl cyberpanel.sh/installTemp.sh) For documentation visit Getting Started with CyberPanel Docker Manager

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CyberPanel now supports Ubuntu (18.04 and 18.10)

We are glad to announce the first beta of CyberPanel Ubuntu. It can be installed using:   sh <(curl https://cyberpanel.net/install.sh || wget -O – https://cyberpanel.net/install.sh) Please reports any bugs here.  

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CyberPanel Joins Hands with UpCloud

We are happy to announce that we’ve joined hands with UpCloud to help you get started for free. With this collaboration you can sign up with UpCloud through CyberPanel and get $50 USD in credits to your account, fully functional for 7 days. Within the 7 days, simply deposit $10 and you get $60 USD […]

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OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.38 has been released!

Today we dedicate this post to one of the best releases of OpenLiteSpeed. Since the beginning of time all of us have had issues when it comes to rewrite rules and OpenLiteSpeed. But that is no more. With this release we’ve a very important feature to discuss that is going to change life of many […]

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CyberPanel v1.7.1 Stable Released!

CyberPanel v1.7.1 bring some exciting new features and bug fixes. For quite some time a reseller feature was the most requested. So we’ve introduced ACL Manager which allows you to create resellers and gives you the ability to control access to your CyberPanel at a more granular level. ACL Manager ACL Manager not only gives […]

CyberPanel goes QUIC…

CyberPanel is now served over QUIC. For the past few weeks, we’ve been working on CyberPanel Enterprise a new version that supports LiteSpeed Enterprise web server along with other features. Major highlights of CyberPanel Enterprise will be:   Integration with LiteSpeed Enterprise Web server. ACL Management (in simple words, the ability to create resellers).   […]

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[RC] v1.7.1 Features Summary!

Recently released v1.7.1 RC with several features and bug fixes. GIT Support GIT version control system support for CyberPanel website, for more details, check here: [v1.7-dev] Attach Git to your CyberPanel sites! Enable/Disable Certain Services v1.7.1 onwards we now have options to disable certain services, for more details check here: Manage Services Minor Improvements and […]