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Why CyberPanel?

CyberPanel is a complete sysadmin package. It makes your administration tasks easier and fun at the same time!


OpenLiteSpeed is a high-performance, lightweight, open source HTTP Server.

LiteSpeed Cache

OpenLiteSpeed comes with cache module, using which you can make your websites much more faster. LiteSpeed WordPress cache plugin can be installed to enable caching out of the box.

Multiple PHPs!

LiteSpeed has its own LSAPI which greatly enhances PHP performance to the next level. Choose from multiple PHPs for your site.

Some Features

CyberPanel offers exciting features, including:

Mail Server

CyberPanel ships with a mail server, so that you can set up your email services right inside the panel.

Multiple PHPs

Choose from multiple PHPs, from PHP 5.3 through PHP 7.1. CyberPanel allow you to install or remove extensions for your selected PHP.

DNS Server

In case you want to run a DNS server, CyberPanel ships with PowerDNS for you to easily manage your DNS zones.


Create easy-to-use local and remote backups, and transfer accounts from your previous CyberPanel installations.

Auto SSL

With CyberPanel SSL is easy. While creating websites you can choose to issue SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt.


CyberPanel’s Firewall section allows you to choose which ports are open. You have full control over server security.

Inside CyberPanel

Take a look at CyberPanel’s elegant and easy-to-use interface!

WordPress Cache Plugin!

On top of CyberPanel’s other impressive features, LiteSpeed provides a free WordPress cache plugin which allows you to boost your website performance out of the box.

CyberPanel on Internet!

Read the following guides and get started with CyberPanel and OpenLiteSpeed!

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