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Built-in full-page LSCache module with cache plugins for popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MediaWiki, and more..)

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GIT Deployment

Attach GIT repos (Github and GitLab) to your CyberPanel websites and deploy code directly from your repos via GIT webhooks.

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Auto Installer

CyberPanel comes with a one-click app installer for WordPress (with LSCache), Joomla and Prestashop.

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Built-in support for ModSecurity, real time defense against web application attacks, option to enable Comodo or OWASP rules.

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Email Limits

Use Email Limits to stop email spam. Email limits can be applied at domain and email level with options to enable or disable email logs.

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One Click SSL

SSL is now mandatory for every online property, you can issue free of cost Let's Encrypt SSL for websites, child domains and hostnames.

DNS and Email Server Built In!

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Lightweight DNS Server!

CyberPanel ships with powerfull and lightweight DNS server (PowerDNS). Supported records types include A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SPF SOA and SRV records.

Rainloop Webmail!

CyberPanel ships with Rainloop webmail to send and recieve emails using Postfix and dovecot. You can also set up email limits.

Love your terminal?

Command Line Interface

CyberPanel comes with a command line interface for people who love to work in terminal, almost anything that you can do in the control panel interface can be done via CLI.


1. Create websites and child domains.

2. Create DNS zones and records.

3. Create and restore backups.

4. Issue SSL certificates.

5. And more!


Security by default!

FirewallD and SpamAssassin

Security is built into CyberPanel, FirewallD is installed by default and only necessary ports are opened.


CyberPanel also comes with SpamAssassin to stop email spam. Further security features include:


1. Changing SSH port.

2. Disable root login.

3. Adding SSH keys.

4. ModSecurity (Comodo and OWASP Rules).

5. and more.. !

Technologies Used


OpenLiteSpeed web server.


Pure-FTPD file transfer server.


MariaDB database server.


GIT version control system.