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Managing Your Cloud Servers has never been so easy!

From setting up, managing and optimizing for speed, there is no better control panel than CyberPanel


CyberPanel Unleashed:
Ignite Speed

Each server you deploy comes fortified with a finely tuned stack, featuring integrated advanced caching and CDN, guaranteeing optimal website speed for impactful results.


Free for Life

Full Suite of Features:
Zero Price Tags

Discover unparalleled cost-to-performance value in cloud hosting, providing all essential features for a thriving online business without the hefty price tag.


WordPress Manager

Straightforward & Adaptable

Opt for your favorite apps from a wide selection, host them on leading cloud hosting providers, and effortlessly scale your servers for peak traffic seasons—all with the simplicity of 1-click solutions in the world of WordPress.


Here’s what they say about CyberPanel

Yes we are popular!

Features You’ll Love

Opensource and Free

CyberPanel is the first open-source control panel which supports OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise. CyberPanel development is community driven - you are not alone, there is whole squad for support.

One Click Install

Installing applications on your server could not get any easier! We have single click setup for popular frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mautic and many more!

LiteSpeed Cache

There is nothing better than the LSCache plugin for WordPress. Caching at the page level and at the server level will make your websites faster! Custom configurations enable you to further tune your website.

Unlimited Installs

CyberPanel is Free and Open-source. There are no limits on number of installations or number of websites in the Free Forever Plan.

Easy Resource Monitor

Monitor your CPU, Memory and Disk Usage right from your Dashboard.
Restart the LiteSpeed server or suspend the misbehaving site, you've got all the power.

One Click SSL

Free One Click SSL Certificates by Let's Encrypt. With Auto-renewal enabled by default, CyberPanel will automagically renew your Certificates before they expire!

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Frequently Asked Questions

To use CyberPanel, you will need a basic understanding of Linux systems.

CyberPanel provides users with the capability to host an unlimited number of domains without any constraints or limitations.

OpenLiteSpeed Web Server is opensource and completely free for unlimited domains, while LiteSpeed Enterprise is commercial drop-in replacement of Apache, you can learn more about them here.

CyberPanel is web hosting control panel for OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise. It is alternative to cPanel or Plesk. You can install CyberPanel on DigitalOcean or Vultr and deploy super fast WordPress sites.

When you sign up for CyberPanel Add-ons, you are given a 7-day free trial period. During this time, you can use the add-ons without any charges. Once the trial ends and your first payment is processed, you then have a 7-day window to request a refund if you are not satisfied with the add-ons.

Similarly, for one-time payment plans, you also have a 7-day refund period. This means that after purchasing a one-time payment plan, you have 7 days to request a refund if you find that it doesn’t meet your expectations or requirements.

Regarding support refunds, they are determined based on the amount of time you have utilized the support services. If you have used support services and later decide to cancel or request a refund, the refund amount will be adjusted based on the support services you have already received.

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