The Best FREE Control Panel to Manage your Websites

With CyberPanel, you can host your Websites on any Linux server like a Pro, without the overhead of hiring a Linux admin or paying 10x to slow hosting companies!

CyberPanel + LiteSpeed = Blazing Fast Sites!

Managing Your Cloud Servers has never been so easy!

It's easy to host your Website on any Linux server with CyberPanel, and you'll never have to hire a Linux admin or pay ten times the amount to a slow hosting company!
Managing Your Cloud Servers

Open Sourced for Continuous Development

CyberPanel is the first open-source control panel which supports OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise. We have a hyper-active community in case you need help.If you know Python and Django Web framework, do visit our development guide.

LiteSpeed Web Server for the Ultimate Performance!

LiteSpeed Web Server conserves resources while maintaining performance, security, and compatibility.

Eliminate the need for a third-party caching layer, and support cutting-edge technologies such as HTTP/3 – all with zero downtime!

Easy to use File Manager

Upload, download, compress, decompress, edit, and view files with this convenient and efficient file manager along with easy to user code editor.

ModSec and CSF integrated
to keep the hackers away!

CyberPanel comes bundled with ModSecurity which is web application firewall to protect your website against online attacks.On top of ModSecurity you can also use CSF with CyberPanel and that requires only few clicks.

Free Forever Plan with No

CyberPanel itself is free, you can install CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed and deploy unlimited super fast websites.

Features that Steal the Show

One Click Install

Deploy WordPress sites within 1 minute using our brand-new WordPress Manager. We will take care of the speed, security, and maintenance of your WordPress site. With one click installation, you can automate tasks such as database creation, file uploads, and configuration settings, eliminating the need to perform these tasks manually. 

One Click Install
Auto Login

Auto Login

Have you forgotten your WordPress dashboard login information? To access your WordPress admin account, simply use the CyberPanel WordPress manager Auto Login feature. With just a few simple clicks, the Auto Login feature securely logs you into your WordPress dashboard, granting you instant access to manage your website without any unnecessary delays.ible

LiteSpeed Cache

Nothing beats the LSCache plugin on the LitesSpeed server. Every WordPress site deployed via WordPress manager gets the LSCache plugin installed and configured. This plugin offers a wide range of performance optimization features, including browser caching, object caching, and opcode caching, which work together to minimize server load and bandwidth usage while maximizing content delivery speed.

LiteSpeed Cache


Worried about your site backups? WordPress Manager allows you to take data or database-level backups. By taking regular backups, you can create restore points to roll back to in case of data loss, accidental deletion, or website malfunctions. You can choose to back up specific files or directories, ensuring that critical website components are securely preserved.

Staging Site

Not ready to go live yet? You can create staging sites and easily deploy them to production with one click using WordPress Manager. Creating a staging site with WordPress Manager streamlines the process, allowing you to seamlessly transfer your changes from the staging environment to your live website with just one click.

Staging Site
One Click SSL

One Click SSL

Free One Click SSL Certificates by Let’s Encrypt. With Auto-renewal enabled by default, CyberPanel will automatically renew your Certificates before they expire! So, you can enjoy uninterrupted protection for your online assets without ever having to worry about manual certificate renewal processes.

Connected Server

Web Application

Git Manager

SSL Manager

Website Manager


User Levels




File Manager

SSH Manager


Cloud Linux


CyberPanel Add-ons

Core of CyberPanel which includes creating websites, deploying WordPress, Mautic etc is completely free.

To support development some features can be purchased as add-ons.

CyberPanel Add-ons

More in Adons

Empower your digital presence with our exceptional suite of enhancements: Backup V2 for data security, Root File Manager for streamlined control, and Email Debugger for precise communication. Elevate your online experience with these powerful add-ons.

Relentless SSL

Introducing our latest SSL V2: an advanced SSL renewal system seamlessly integrated with DNS for enhanced security.


We now offer SSL V2 that is a next generation SSL renewal system and it totlay depends upon the DNS.


We have hand picked hosting providers that offers CyberPanel with Premium Add-ons and great customer support.
FeaturePrice / Month6 MonthsYearlyBuy
Backups Retention (Google Drive Backups Retention)$4.99$28$44Buy Now
Root File Manager$6.99$28$54Buy Now
WordPress Manager (Staging, Backups, Plugins and Themes Management)$4.99$34$44Buy Now
Rspamd Manager (Protect your email server from viruses)$6.99$28$54Buy Now
All The Addons$7.99$39$59Buy Now

WordPress Manager Add-on

43% of all Websites on the Internet are built with WordPress, so it deserves some love! With CyberPanel WordPress Manager, you can easily Monitor, Analyze, Optimize and keep your website in Top-Notch performance, all the time.

LiteSpeed Enterprise

The best web server software to fully maximize the
performance and security of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

To use CyberPanel, you will need a basic understanding of Linux systems.

CyberPanel provides users with the capability to host an unlimited number of domains without any constraints or limitations.

OpenLiteSpeed Web Server is opensource and completely free for unlimited domains, while LiteSpeed Enterprise is commercial drop-in replacement of Apache, you can learn more about them here.

CyberPanel is web hosting control panel for OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise. It is alternative to cPanel or Plesk. You can install CyberPanel on DigitalOcean or Vultr and deploy super fast WordPress sites.

When you sign up for CyberPanel Add-ons, you are given a 7-day free trial period. During this time, you can use the add-ons without any charges. Once the trial ends and your first payment is processed, you then have a 7-day window to request a refund if you are not satisfied with the add-ons.

Similarly, for one-time payment plans, you also have a 7-day refund period. This means that after purchasing a one-time payment plan, you have 7 days to request a refund if you find that it doesn’t meet your expectations or requirements.

Regarding support refunds, they are determined based on the amount of time you have utilized the support services. If you have used support services and later decide to cancel or request a refund, the refund amount will be adjusted based on the support services you have already received.

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