CyberPanel Firewall

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CyberPanel Firewall

CyberPanel follows deny all rules except for the ports opened by default, you can see default opened ports at Server > Security > Firewall

Available Functions

  • Stop Firewall.
  • Start Firewall.
  • Reload.
  • Add/Delete Rules.

Add Firewall Rule:

If you want to open a port in CyberPanel just go to the Security > Firewall

Now add the following details here and click Add button.

  1. Give this rule a name.
  2. Select protocol from dropdown either tcp or udp.
  3. Enter which port to open for specified protocol.

Delete Firewall Rule:

On the firewall page if you want to remove any rule just clict the cross button in front of that rule.

Start/Stop/Reload Firewall.

On the same page, you will find three buttons: Start, Stop, and Reload. Simply click the button corresponding to the action you want to perform.

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