ACL management

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ACL management

ACL refers to the Access Control List. CyberPanel allows you to provide a way to create accounts with different levels of access that you can give.
For example, if a user is created with admin ACL, then that is a super user and has access to all the features in CyberPanel.

  • Create New ACL
  • Delete ACL (You can delete custom ACL, not the Default)
  • Modify ACL (You can modify a custom-created ACL)

Create ACL account:

Cyberpanel allows you to create an ACL account based on your custom access requirements.

As you know, Cyberpanel offers three types of accounts for management services 

  1. Admin
  2. Reseller
  3. User

At every level, access is different, and you cannot modify it with that ACL. These accounts come with default access.

Set the name first, and select it from the list of features to provide the control and save.

ACL will be created and will be listed under ACL when you Create New User.

Create a New User with ACL:

After the creation of ACL, it will be listed under the ACL list when you create a user account. You can choose that account.

This will allow you to create multiple accounts with that access. 

The user will be granted access to the features that are set up in the ACL (e.g., staff) here.

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