Reseller Management

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Reseller Management

Cyberpanel offers three types of accounts for the management services. 

  1. Admin
  2. Reseller
  3. User

In this phase, we will learn about the reseller account.

If you would like to acquire fundamental knowledge about users in CyberPanel, please refer to the ‘Managing Users‘ guide. While the functioning of resellers is already explained in that section, we will provide a dedicated tutorial specifically focusing on reseller functionality.

How to do Reseller Management in CyberPanel – Detailed Tutorial

Step 1: Create New User.

First, access and open the cyberpanel dashboard. Go to User->Create New User

During the creation of account, add the required details and on the ACL list, choose “Reseller

You can also set the limit of the site that a reseller can create.

There are 3 types of control lists already created in CyberPanel (admin, reseller, and user) You can also create custom control lists, which is not the topic of this tutorial. This post discusses reseller ACL only.

Step 2: Login to reseller.

After creating the user account as reseller, You will be able to access the reseller account with the reseller credentials. Resellers can create a user and also set the limit for the user. 

Resellers have limited access to that of Admin.

  • Website limit.
    Users with reseller ACL can create websites, so the admin can restrict how many websites they can create. Please remember that this limit is not for child domains that you can create under websites. Limits on child domains can be controlled via Packages.
    Now if there are 3 users under this reseller (the reseller can also create users), and if they have 10 sites each, then the reseller itself can create 70 sites, which then becomes a total of 100 websites.
  • Reseller users
    With a reseller account, you will be able to create multiple users.
    Resellers can edit, modify, and restrict users. User accounts will only be able to manage sites. User accounts under resellers will not be able to create sites.

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