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MySQL optimization on CyberPanel

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CyberPanel v1.7.7 and above gives you ability optimize and view MySQL status via platform. Register your self on cloud platform if you haven’t already, once registered you need to connect your server from here (Make sure you are on version 1.7.7 or above, you can visit upgrade instructions)

MySQL Status

Once your server is connected to platform, visit https://platform.cyberpanel.net/mysql/<Server Name>/status


Replace server name with name of your server in Cloud Platform. You will see something like:


MySQL Optimization

Platform will try to generate recommended configurations depending on detected server ram. Visit: https://platform.cyberpanel.net/mysql/<Server Name>/optmizeMySQL


Replace server name with name of your server in Cloud Platform. Once there click Generate Recommendations. This will generate recommended settings, if you are sure or want to do any custom modifications you can do here, once sure click Apply Changes.


Apply changes will only put new configurations in your my.cnf file, you need to click Restart MySQL to apply these changes. Old configurations will is backed to my.cnf.bak (in case you want to revert to old file).


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  • Ali January 7, 2020 at 12:02 am

    And now it doesn’t accept any registration? We can’t add servers.

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