Create Sub/Addon Domain

Before creating Sub/Addon domain you need to create at least 1 website. Create website using our guide: For any user the first website is set as the default website for that user. Please keep that in mind, because it will help you understand this document later. Now, let say your main website is: Main site: […]

How to Deploy a Laravel project on Cyberpanel.

Setup Laravel App on your domain To install the Laravel application first you need to install PHP composer. Go to the terminal and run the following command. Open the website directory from the CLI cd /home/ Replace with your actual domain for which you want to set up a laravel app. Then run following […]

Subdomain Management

Subdomain Management

In this article, we will learn about how to create and manage subdomains in CyberPanel. Here some features included. First, Login on to your CyberPanel dashboard. Create Subdomain Here, you can see How to create Subdomain. Go to Websites from the side menu. Now you can see the option Create New Domain, click on Create […]

CyberPanel Package Management

In CyberPanel, packages are essential for allocating resources to individual websites. Before creating websites, it is necessary to create at least one package. A default package is automatically generated upon installation, but customizing packages to match specific requirements is recommended. Packages ensure that each website receives the appropriate allocation of resources, enabling efficient management within […]

Website Auto Installers

With CyberPanel, you can install different web applications with just one click. Applications with Auto Install To install these applications on your site, here are the steps that must be followed: GO To  This window will include site information and features. But here the focus is on the auto-application installer, so we have to move […]

Modify Website

CyberPanel offers a simple method to modify your websites. You have the flexibility to modify any information or make any desired changes to your site effortlessly. Modify Website: 1. Go to Websites -> Modify Website 2. Select the domain. 3. Choose any information that you want to change. 4. Save Changes  Click on the Modify […]

Website File Manager

website file manager

CyberPanel allows you to access website root files directly from CyberPanel. File Manager You can select the file manager of the site in front of the site name that you want to access. This will direct you to the website root files. Here, you can perform multiple functions, like: Upload file, create a new file, […]

Website Management

In this article, we will learn about how to manage a website. This is a complete tutorial about the management website. So let’s start. Login to your CyberPanel dashboard On the left side menu Click on the option Website. Here you can see the many options for the website 1. Create Website: If you want […]

Change/Transfer Website Ownership

CyberPanel provides an easy way to change the ownership of any website. This can be needed to change the owner to a new account or transfer the site to a different owner. Steps to change ownership 1. Go to Websites-> Modify Website 2. Select the domain. 3. Choose a new owner 4. Save Changes  Click […]

How to delete Child Domain in CyberPanel?

CyberPanel version required: v2.1.1 or above, if you are below this version read our old article to manage child-domains. Deleting a child domain in CyberPanel is now easier than ever. You can delete the child domain from CyberPanel with just a few clicks. Table of Contents: Login to CyberPanel: Login to your CyberPanel using the […]