1 – DKIM Set up and Configurations

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1 – DKIM Set up and Configurations

DKIM Signing

Starting version 1.6.4 you can now check whether you want to setup DKIM DNS records for your domains. If OpenDKIM is not installed, it will prompt you to install OpenDKIM, which you can do so via pointing your browser to:

https://<IP Address>:8090/email/dkimManager

If OpenDKIM is not installed, it will ask you to install OpenDKIM on this page, after installation you can see DKIM keys for your domains.

Setup DKIM Keys

There are two ways to setup DKIM Keys (Along with DNS records).

1. First, while creating a website you can check the CheckBox which says DKIM Support, this will generate DKIM keys as well as publish them to your DNS records.


2. If by chance you have not opted to create DKIM records while creating a website, you can also generate these records later, navigate to:

https://<IP Address>:8090/email/dkimManager


Select website from Dropdown and click Generate Now, this will generate keys and publish them to your DNSrecords.

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