1 – Introduction to Containerization (Website Limits)

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1 – Introduction to Containerization (Website Limits)

Note: This feature is deprecated as it depended on Centos 7 whose support is discontinued.

Containerization feature (v1.8.0 and above required, currently only CentOS is supported) offers to limit website resources and have no link to our Docker Manager feature. With containerization you can limit various system resources for a website, cgroups are used on the back end to enforce these limits. You can limit:

  1. CPU Usage.
  2. Memory Usage.
  3. Network Usage.
  4. Disk Usage (IO and IOPS)

These limits are applied to all processes forked under a website user (Such as lsphp processes). You can use ls -la /home command to find out user of each website. LiteSpeed Webserver forks php processes for sites using these Linux user accounts. If there are no limits applied a single tenant can use all available resources on your system.

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