Change Theme/Design CyberPanel

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Change Theme/Design CyberPanel

CyberPanel offers the flexibility to customize the design and themes of your panel according to your preferences. There is a wide range of community-driven themes available within CyberPanel.

Step 1: Change Theme

In the OVERVIEW section go to DESIGN
You will see a list of available Themes.

Choose a theme from the provided list. Beneath it, you will find the CSS properties (code). You also have the option to make modifications to the code as desired.

Afterward, click on ‘Save Changes.’ Upon doing so, you will notice a complete transformation of your panel’s appearance.

Step 2: Add Custom Theme

You can also add your custom theme to apply on the cyberpanel to view different looks.

  • Go to CyberPanel -> Design
  • Paste the contents of css to the text area.
  • Save Changes.

The property will be applied on the dashboard.

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