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Email Limits

CyberPanel has introduced a new feature for email called Email Limits, which allows you to control how many emails you can send within a certain time frame. In this article, we won’t cover how to create an email, assuming you already have one set up. To set limits, navigate to your email settings and select “Email Limits.”

Choose the website for which you want to establish a limit and select the email address you want to apply it to. For example, I’ll set a limit so that this email can only send 10 messages every 5 minutes. After setting the limit, click “Apply” and “Save.” 

Now, let me send an email. 

let’s say I want to change the limit again to allow only 1 email every 5 minutes.

As I have already sent an email, I’ll try to send another and see it says can’t send message that I’ve reached the limit. 

You can also view these limits in the email logs that this email has rate limit.

Additionally, you can set limits for longer durations, such as 1 day or 30 days, allowing only a certain number of emails to be sent within that timeframe.

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