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Manage Services

Update on 3rd July: Disabled servers will be no more visible on CyberPanel interface, more details below.

v1.7.1 onwards you can enable/disable certain services. You can not disable OpenLiteSpeed and MySQL because they are core services of CyberPanel.

Once you disable a certain service, it will not be started on system restart and you will not be able to manage them via CyberPanel interface.

Disable DNS Service

To disable DNS Service go to:

https://<IP Address>:8090/manageservices/managePowerDNS

Please note that once you disable the DNS services, DNS menu will go away from sidebar.

Disable Email Service

To disable Email Service go to:

https://<IP Address>:8090/manageservices/managePostfix

Please note that once you disable the Email services, Email menu will go away from sidebar. You will also not able to use Email Marketing and other mail related services.

Disable FTP Service

To disable FTP Service go to:

https://<IP Address>:8090/manageservices/managePureFtpd

Once disabled FTP menu will be removed from sidebar, FTP entries will also be removed from Website and Domain launcher.


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