User Management | How Many Types of Users are in CyberPanel

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User Management | How Many Types of Users are in CyberPanel

There are three types of users in CyberPanel

Step 1. When you log in to CyberPanel. You can see the User on the dashboard

Step 2. When you click on the User option you can see the many options for the user

Step 3. When you click on View Profile You can see the full details about the user profile

Step 4. When you click on the Create New User option. Here you can add the user

You can see here if you create a user as an admin reseller or user. you click on Select ACL and select the user that you want. 

Here you can see the website limit option. You can add according to your need you can select 1,2, 3….Unlimited. For unlimited you will select 0.

Step 5. In the List Users option. You can see the information about the user and user name. Websites limit, Disk Usage, ACL, Owner, State.

Here you can see another option Action. You can suspend, edit, and delete the user

Step 6. Modify User you can modify the user just click on modify user and select account

When you select the account. You can modify the user information

Step 7. When you click on  Reseller Center you can select user, new owner, and website limit.

Step 8. Create a New ACL Here you create a new ACL and give the access that you want. You can make admin, and you can see the list of options. You can give access only to features which you want.

Step 9. Delete ACL Just select the ACL and delete it 

Step 10. Modify ACL You can modify the ACL access. Just select the ACL name and modify add, or remove the access which you want 

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