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If you want to access CyberPanel on SSL you can do so by issuing Lets Encrypt SSL for hostname, before continuing further make sure you have created website with a domain you want to access CyberPanel as.


If you want to access CyberPanel on: https://panel.yourdomain.com:8090 , create an account with domain panel.yourdomain.com. While creating an account you can either check SSL or not, it is optional.


If domain still does not point to the server, again a self-signed SSL will be issued.

Setup SSL


Main > SSL > Hostname SSL



Select domain on which you want to access CyberPanel. Once issued, you can visit CyberPanel on https://yourdomain.com.


Note: If you also want to host websites on this domain, you can do so by simply using FTP or File manager, this operation will not affect that.

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