3 – Manually Extending SSL to WWW

Usually CyberPanel will automatically issue Let’s encrypt SSL cert for both www and non-www version of domains, but if in rare case it failed to issue WWW cert , you can extend the SSL for www domain manually.   1. Run command (change example.com to your domain for ALL steps)   certbot certonly –webroot -w […]

2 – CyberPanel on SSL

If you want to access CyberPanel on SSL you can do so by issuing Lets Encrypt SSL for hostname, before continuing further make sure you have created website with a domain you want to access CyberPanel as.   If you want to access CyberPanel on: https://panel.yourdomain.com:8090 , create an account with domain panel.yourdomain.com. While creating an account you […]

1 – Issuing SSL for website

CyberPanel can issue Let’s Encrypt SSL cert for websites on it. There are 2 methods to get SSL cert for website. 1. Issue SSL when creating a website     Check Additional Features SSL during creating the website.   Note: Please check and make sure the domain is pointed to CyberPanel server, otherwise Let’s Encrypt […]