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For MySQL optimizations go to: MySQL optimization on CyberPanel

CyberPanel v1.7.7 and above gives you ability to view and manage Databases/Table via platform. Register your self on cloud platform if you haven’t already, once registered you need to connect your server from here (Make sure you are on version 1.7.7 or above, you can visit upgrade instructions)

List Databases

Once your server is connected to platform, visit https://platform.cyberpanel.net/mysql/<Server Name>/databases

mysql databases cyberpanel

Here you will see all the databases present on your server, even though if they are not created directly from CyberPanel.

Manage Databases

Once you are on the List Databases page, you can click Manage to view tables inside this database. Direct link would be:

https://platform.cyberpanel.net/mysql/<Server Name>/manage/<Database Name>


manage database cyberpanel



On this page you can delete or further manage a single table. Later we will add the ability to switch between MySQL Engines (InnoDB, MyISAM)

Manage Tables

Now if you further want to view data or table structure you can click Manage on the table, direct link would be:

https://platform.cyberpanel.net/mysql/<Server Name>/manage/<Database Name>/<Table Name>/


manage database tables cyberpanel cloud


Table scheme/structure can also be seen by clicking Structure.

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