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Child Domains Launcher

After version 1.5 child domains feature is available in CyberPanel. After version 1.6.4 is stable we’ve launched a dedicated launcher for child domains.

Why there is a need for Child Domain Launcher

Most of you already know that rewriting rules with OpenLiteSpeed does not work as they work with LiteSpeed Enterprise/Apache.

Every domain must have its own .htaccess file and OpenLiteSpeed is explicitly told to load rules from the file, otherwise, the file is totally ignored. So if you have a master domain at:/home/ its .htaccess file is located at /home/ any .htaccess files in subdirectories do not work and they are ignored.

And so if you have a child-domain under the master domain with the path /home/ its rewrite rules will be ignored since OpenLiteSpeed has not been told to load rewrite rules from /home/

To solve this problem we have a dedicated child domain launcher, where you can:

  • View Access/Error logs.
  • Edit virtual host configurations for child domain.
  • Change PHP.
  • Add/Delete Rewrite rules.
  • Add SSL.
  • Enable/Disable open_basedir protection.

How to access the launcher for Child Domain

Go to your Master Domain launcher which is located at:

https:<IP Address>:8090/websites/

There you can manage your child domain configurations.


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