Create and Restore Backup in CyberPanel

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Create and Restore Backup in CyberPanel

CyberPanel free and enterprise editions have the ability to manage website and system backups.

Step 1. Log into CyberPanel

Step 2. Select Backup-> Create Backup

Step 3. Choose the Website from the drop-down menu

Step 4. Select the website. Select a destination from the second drop-down list. “Home” stores backups in the website’s backup directory (e.g. /home/  After choosing the destination, click on Create Backup.

Step 5. You can delete backups from the list at the bottom with the red “X” button.

Restore Backup

Step 1. If you want to restore the backup, Click on Restore backup

Step 2. Select the backup

Step 3. When you select the backup. The backup is listed here, you can restore the backup by clicking on the Restore

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