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As a result of massive user interest and most upvoted feature requests, CyberPanel has added the option to save backups to Google Drive in version 2.0.2.


You can configure as many Google Drive accounts and configure each account with the different or same set of sites for backups.

1. Login to your Cyberpanel

Use your Cyberpanel credentials to log in

2. Go to Backup -> Set up Google Drive


3. Click on “Setup new account”

4. In the pop-up box, enter any name you want to use


5. Allow CyberPanel to save backups to your Google Drive


You will have to log in to your Google account if you aren’t already logged in


6. Confirm again


7. You will be redirected back to Google drive setup screen, choose the account you created in step 4



8. Select backup frequency and the site you want to backup and click Add Site




CyberPanel provides an option to View logsĀ which can be used to check details of the backup process and transfer to Google Drive




That’s it. You have successfully set up periodic backups to your Google Drive. CyberPanel makes it easy for you to set up direct backups to Google drive in less than 5 minutes

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