Switching from OpenLiteSpeed to LiteSpeed Enterprise Webserver

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CyberPanel v1.7.4 onwards provides the ability to convert your OpenLiteSpeed installation to LiteSpeed Enterprise Web server. Since the release of LiteSpeed Free Starter a lot of people are going for LiteSpeed Enterprise Web server.

Step 1: Obtain LiteSpeed Web server Enterprise License

Before switching, you first need to obtain a license key (it is free for 1 domain, but you still need to obtain the key). Visit theĀ pricing table to decide your desired plan and get the key ready for switch.

Step 2: Switch to LiteSpeed Web server Enterprise

After obtaining the license key, come back to your CyberPanel and navigate to Server Status > LiteSpeed Status or directly visit https://<IP Address>:8090/serverstatus/litespeedStatus

convert openlitespeed litespeed webserver



Enter your license key and click Switch.

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