CyberPanel Package Management

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CyberPanel Package Management

In CyberPanel, packages are essential for allocating resources to individual websites. Before creating websites, it is necessary to create at least one package.

A default package is automatically generated upon installation, but customizing packages to match specific requirements is recommended. Packages ensure that each website receives the appropriate allocation of resources, enabling efficient management within CyberPanel.

The Package Management will allow you to 

  • Create Package
  • List Packages
  • Delete Package
  • Modify Package

Step 1. Create Package

Go to the Packages -> Create Packages

It basically defies that the site will use how many resources even with FTP accounts.

Fill up the required fields with the requirements that you want. Add limits that are needed. 

  • Disk Space: 
  • Bandwidth: 
  • FTP Accounts: 
  • Database: 
  • Emails: 

Additionally in the Packages bound you Allow Creation of a Fully Qualified Domain as Child-Domains or not.

Once the package is created it can be used to create that site. To create the site under the created package.

Step 3. List Packages

All the created packages will be listed under Packages->List Packages and here it allows editing and deleting the package as well.

Step 3. Delete Package

If the package needs to be deleted then go to the Packages-> Delete Package it can be selected to delete from the list of packages.

Step 4. Modify Package

Modification in the resources is also available because sometimes sites require further resources to run. So it can be altered by navigating to Packages->Modify Package.

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