CyberPanel goes QUIC..

CyberPanel is now served our QUIC, for past few weeks we’ve been working on CyberPanel Enterprise that supports LiteSpeed Enterprise web server along with some other features. Major highlights of CyberPanel Enterprise will be:   Integration of LiteSpeed Enterprise Web server. ACL Management. (In simple words ability to create resellers).   Will CyberPanel remain free? […]

ModSecurity Compatibility issue with OpenliteSpeed and Comodo/OWASP Rules

We’ve recently discovered that libmodsecurity have some compatibility issues with Comodo and OWASP rules, as OpenLiteSpeed integration depends on libmodsecurity which means it is recommended not to enable Comodo and OWASP rules pack until this is resolved, for more details regarding this visit visit GitHub

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[RC] v1.7.1 Features Summary!

Recently released v1.7.1 RC with several features and bug fixes. GIT Support GIT version control system support for CyberPanel website, for more details visit: [v1.7-dev] Attach Git to your CyberPanel sites! Enable/Disable Certain Services v1.7.1 on wards we’ve now options to disable certain services, for more details visit: Manage Services Minor Improvements and Bug fixes! […]