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Understanding WordPress Content Management System for Agencies

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About This Ebook

This guide is the first volume of ebooks that focuses on agencies that focus on understanding WordPress content management system and how it helps in website development. It has plugins that aid in website design, branding, and digital marketing.


You’ll get to explore the different kinds of content management systems (CMS) and their respective functions. This specific ebook is dedicated to WordPress content management system for agencies and how it helps them create, manage, and design websites with ease.


Each CMS has unique features that are best fit for a certain type of workflow. In Volume 1, we’ll be exploring many facets of the WordPress CMS. This CMS is best for digital agencies that need to create multiple websites and online stores with customizable themes. It makes adding content easy, quick, and direct – so you don’t need to have a developer on standby to make these content changes on the website.


This ebook series aims to help you understand the functions of different CMS out there, along with their applications and best use scenarios. You’ll also be able to understand how the hosting you choose affects the overall performance of your website.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding WordPress as a CMS.
  • WordPress Features.
  • Why Should Agencies Choose WordPress CMS.
  • Security Maintenance Features: Server and Client End.
  • Typical Roadblocks for Agencies.

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