Cron Jobs

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Cron Jobs

Beginning with version 1.6.0, CyberPanel now comes equipped with cron jobs. This means you can schedule and automate tasks more easily. This update allows you to set up repetitive tasks to run automatically, making your experience with CyberPanel smoother and more efficient.

Create Cron Job

To create a Cron Job, navigate to Main > Websites > List Websites > Manage.

After you have launched the website manage panel for a website, you can click Cron Jobs under Domains.

On the corn job page, you can see ADD CRON and Fetch CURRENT CRON JOBS.

To add a cron job using CyberPanel Dashboard

Following the above-mentioned steps to go into the Cron manager, and click on ADD CRON

Add all the relevant data (minutes, Hours, Day, Month, and Day of the week) according to your cron job and enter your command. Click on Add Cron

Now click on Fetch Current Cron Jobs to view your cron jobs for your site.

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